Current President - Mark Bryce

Mark Bryce is a native of the Gila Valley and holds a B.S. in Accounting and a J.D. from J. Reuben Clark Law School. Prior to becoming President of Eastern Arizona College he was engaged in the private practice of law, representing many private individuals as well as institutions, and government entities. President Bryce began his service as the 21st President of the College on February 1, 2002. During his initial months as President he has initiated organizational changes as well as started a process to bring joy and excellence to EAC.

President Bryce is interested in a wide array of knowledge and has been quoted as follows: “All I want to know is everything.” He was selected as 1 of only 40 new Presidents in the United States to participate in Harvard University’s New Presidents Seminar. President Bryce intends to continue the College’s sound financial management, rich historical tradition, and academic excellence.


Past Presidents

Gherald L. Hoopes, Jr.

1984 - 2002

Dean A. Curtis

Wayne M. McGrath

1965 - 1976

 1976 - 1983

William H. Harless

Paul E. Guitteau

Sept 1947 - June 1951 and Aug 1944 - Dec 1946

1951 - 1965

William C. Kauffman

Delbert R. Jerome

(Acting) June 1944 - Aug 1944

(Acting) Jan 1947 - Sept 1947

E. Edgar Fuller

Monroe H. Clark



Eugene Hilton

Harvey L. Taylor



No Picture Available

Leland Creer

Ross S. Bean


(Acting) 1923 - 1924

John F. Nash

Andrew C. Peterson



Thomas E. Williams

Emil Maeser



Joy Dunyon

George Cluff